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At Dessert Flirt, we live by a few simple rules: Eat what you love and love what you eat!!! Our belief is that there's nothing more welcoming than something sweet. A memorable dessert will make a lasting impression on guests long after they leave the party. Start with any of our delights from Dessert Flirt including cakes, cobblers, pies, etc. and see what happens. From garden parties, office parties, or swanky soiree's. One or more of these treats will provide a sweet show stopping finish, for any occasion.

Whichever dessert you choose, our treats will be gratefully received and are sure to be the center piece of any celebration, beckoning you to dine again and again.



We offer a wide range of quality cakes to make your event a sweet success.

Dessert Buffets
Your buffet will be gratefully received and is sure to be the centerpiece of any celebration.

Specialty Items
Small items making a big impact.

Adult Pastries
Indulge your passions